Review of the Family Lectionary

Family Lectionary is a unique gem.  This family devotional companion is a resource unlike any I have seen.  It is a pastor’s dream that congregation members would familiarize themselves with the Scripture readings and themes for the following Sunday’s Divine Service.  That is exactly what this resource is designed to do – and so much more.  While the primary focus of Family Lectionary is to prepare folks for the following Sunday, the major feasts and festivals that fall throughout the week are also accented.  With Family Lectionary Lutherans (young and old) will be engaging with the rhythms of the Church year in their daily lives, while growing together in faith and knowledge through time in the Word, study, conversation, singing, and other fun activities.  

In Family Lectionary, Jessie Bell has laid down a loose, weekly rhythm over which families can layer their own devotional traditions.  Not intended as a standalone devotional, Bell frequently encourages the use of other resources (eg. Lutheran Service Book, Weedon’s Celebrating the Saints, various selections from Concordia Publishing House’s Arch Book series, etc.).  By utilizing these and other similar devotional aids, each member of the household will grow in his or her baptismal identity, realizing we are connected not only to Christ, but to a blest communion of saints – past, present and future.  Moreover, family members of all ages will undoubtedly be better tuned in to the service of the Word each week.  Voices big and small will blend together more confidently and joyfully as they sing the hymns of our faith.  I am excited to have this resource available, and look forward to using it with my family. 

Living Forever, Now, 

Rev. Michael James Grannis

Senior Administrative Pastor 

Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lincoln Park, Michigan